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Panel Interview with Candidate Rating
Panel Interview with Candidate Rating

Streamline candidate panel reviews with resume distribution, candidate links and materials, hiring manager reviews, and ranked evaluations.

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In this template, you will find the following modules: Schedule, Forms, and Materials.

Do you have a committee or panel that needs to interview and select candidates? This is the template for you.

From your dashboard, in the drop-down in "Create Meeting" click on "Create from Template" or go directly to "Templates" from the left side panel and click on "Panel Interview / Candidate Evaluation".

Use the Schedule in this template to keep track of time and interview details. Here you could add sessions for each candidate and each round of the recruiting process. You could use one template per day, week, or month so that you easily check progress in the same place.

The Forms module will be enabled with an example set of polls. Create your own set of Polls containing pertinent questions to evaluate and learn more about a candidate. This set of Polls can be named "Source or Original" and then create a duplicate for each candidate participating in the selection process. It is worth noting that candidates do not need to engage with the platform.

Each interviewer will join the meeting as an attendee and write comments on the candidates’ responses to the questions and rate how competent that person is on each subject.

Besides, everyone involved in the decision process can access candidates’ resumes using the materials module and the candidate report built from the interviewers' responses.

Materials module with CV

Make sure your hiring managers are gathering consistent and objective feedback on candidates, which can help them make more informed decisions about who to hire.

  • Secure entry for the evaluation team

  • Provide candidate resumes for review

  • Set a schedule of interview sessions for the hiring panel

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