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Multi-Speaker Q&A With Moderation​
Multi-Speaker Q&A With Moderation​

Quickly consolidate Q&A submissions for a panel, multiple presenters or by topic using one module to moderate, control unwanted keywords

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Prepare your template with time in advance to include a Q&A space for each of the speakers. From your dashboard, in the drop-down in "Create Meeting" click on "Create from Template" or go directly to "Templates" from the left side panel and click on "Multi-Speaker Q&A With Moderation".

Multi-speaker sessions with moderated Q&A spaces are designed to provide a platform for multiple speakers to share their ideas, knowledge, and perspectives on a specific topic or theme while also allowing the audience to express their ideas.

The moderated Q&A space is a feature that allows attendees to interact with the speakers by asking questions, sharing their opinions, and engaging in discussions with each specific speaker.

It would be ideal to have Speakers take turns engaging your audience. This will allow you to Show/Hide the Q&A space for each speaker at the right time thus controlling the pace and helping focus on the speaker in turn. However, if you have speakers participating at the same time with specific segments of your audience, you might want to consider using a template for each speaker to avoid confusion.

Use Pulse to create a buzz of shared feelings during the meeting. This module can be available for your audience throughout the entire event so they can click or tap on the different reactions during each part of the event. This module is already set up with 9 different reactions. You can go to the Pulse settings in the top left to modify it. Participants will be invited to select their skin tone for emojis with hand gestures.

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