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Update to Meeting Access Modes
Update to Meeting Access Modes
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MeetingPulse will start enforcing best practices for changing Meeting Access modes starting December 21, 2023. Changing security and anonymity settings may require a restart. In general, a restart is only needed to change access settings after an attendee joins.

New Meeting Access Mode dialog


Once an attendee joins and is given either a name or a number, you'll be required to restart the meeting if you want to change the meeting's anonymize setting. This will force any attendees who've joined with the incorrect setting to re-join with the new setting.

Securing the meeting

If you want to change a meeting from secured to open, you can do that at any time, without needing a restart. For example, you can turn off a meeting password without restarting.

However, if you want to add a security option, the system will require a restart to kick out attendees who joined without going through that security check. The system will also require a restart if you change the type of security. For example, if you want to go from a password-secured meeting to a SAML-locked meeting, you'll need to restart to ensure all attendees authenticate via SAML.

Require Embedding

The Require Embedding setting controls whether an attendee can access the meeting outside of an embedded scenario (outside of an iframe.) This encourages attendees to go through the embedded experience but does not add security or change the attendees' names. Therefore, you can change it at any time.

Restarting the meeting

MeetingPulse will confirm that you want to save your setting and restart the meeting for you. Here's the dialog you'll see:

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