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Moderation of Questions
Moderation of Questions

Moderation involves selecting which Questions to post in a Townhall or Q&A session.

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The default is to allow anyone in the meeting to post questions and comment on them. However, if you are getting too many at once (or if you are getting inappropriate questions), you can enable moderation. 

In the Presenter view, the moderator would see questions as they arise and then send them to attendees by clicking the checkbox next to them. (You can only moderate from the Presenter view.)

In the Attendee view, the attendee would only see questions that have been approved by the moderator, or questions they submitted themselves.

If the moderator feels the question is unclear, they can edit the question.
If the moderator needs more information from the attendee who submitted the question, they can write a comment on the question before approving it. Only the attendee who submitted the question will see that comment. 

When an attendee submits a question, they will see it only on their own screen. On the presenter’s Questions tab, they will see that question at the bottom, under “Pending Questions”. (There is a count of the number of pending questions.) 

  • If you want to approve the question, hit the checkbox on the left. That will make it visible to all attendees. 

  • If you want to edit the questions (to correct typos or rephrase it), hover over the three dots on the right side and select “Edit”.

  • If you want to reject a question from those dots by clicking “Decline”, The poser of the question will still see it as pending, but on the Presenter’s screen, it will move to “Declined questions”. No other attendees will see the question

Comments are posted immediately, but the Presenter can still edit or delete them after they’ve been sent to all attendees’ screens..

How do I turn on Moderation?

Under Settings -> Questions, click “Enable Moderated Questions.” Then have your moderator navigate to the Questions screen in Presenter mode.

If you are part of a larger organization, you can use Speaker mode to have one admin discussing (and answering) the approved questions while another admin moderates incoming questions.

Speaker Mode

Enable speaker mode under Settings -> Settings
How do I send private messages to the presenter?
Go to the Questions page in the Admin view, and click the green button "Write a Message to speaker". This will create a private message.
Note: The speaker will not be able to see unapproved questions.

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