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Moderator, Speaker, Attendee, Presenter - what do all these mean?

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MeetingPulse has a few ways of controlling your meetings and viewing your meetings. Sometimes the terminology isn't entirely clear, so this is to help.

This article lists the different terminology for general users and attendees. For roles within an organization, please refer to this article



Also called: meeting organizer, presenter, administrator
The admin has a MeetingPulse log in. They create meeting and set up the polls, meeting materials, and various meeting settings. They start and end the meetings. They can download reports on the meetings. The admins have the most control over what people see. They can see any view.


Also called: employee, delegate, audience
The attendee joins the meeting on their phone, tablet or computer. By default they are anonymous, but you can prompt them for their name or require them to log in. They are the only ones allowed to submit questions and answer polls. They see the attendee view.


Usually the admin, the moderator controls the Questions that attendees submit, but only when moderation is enabled. The moderator has the ability to accept or reject questions. The moderator can request more information from the attendee who submitted the question and the moderator can edit the question for clarity. The moderator also marks questions as "Answered" to remove answered questions from the main view.


Available for Enterprise only
The Speaker role is available when you have moderation turned on. The speaker will have the ability to edit questions approved by the moderator and mark questions as answered. The moderator and the speaker can also send private messages to each other during the meeting. The speaker does not see unapproved questions. 


Presenter View

Available to admins
This is the view that the admin usually works inside. It's available before the meeting starts. It's where you create polls, upload materials, run raffles, and control the meeting settings. You can access all the other views from the presenter view.

Attendee View

Available to everyone
This is what your attendees see when they open the meeting URL. It allows them to answer polls, submit questions, download materials and otherwise see what the admin wants them to see.

Polls Broadcast View

Available to everyone
The broadcast views are designed to be displayed on a large screen in front of a live audience. The Polls broadcast view shows one poll at a time. You can set it to go through a slideshow of the polls that have been run, or you can manually switch between them. Each poll has an option to be removed from the polls broadcast view. This view is available to everyone.

Questions Broadcast View

Available to everyone.
The broadcast views are designed to be displayed on a large screen in front of a live audience. The questions broadcast view shows each question separately, without comments or upvote score. It also can be set to a slideshow or manually controlled. You can force the Broadcast view to show a particular question by tapping the TV button. 

My Meetings View

Available to admins.
Admins can create new meetings, open existing meetings, look at reports for closed meetings, duplicate meetings and reset meetings. They can also delete meetings and reports.

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