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How do I see Poll Results
How do I see Poll Results

How to report on polling information, with printable reports, CSVs and inside PowerPoint

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To access the reports, in the presenter view, click on Report in the top left section.

Can I print the results of the polls?

Yes, using the Meeting Report, you can have a detailed, easily printable version of the results, including word clouds. This can be used to save the results as a PDF. For best results, put the polls in the order you want them to show in the print-friendly view before you end the meeting.

Can I save them?

You can also download detailed CSV files for one or all of the polls, and for one or all of the attendees. Results provide you with the overall audience's response, automatically calculating the rating score and the percent of the audience that selects each answer. Detailed provides you with each attendee's vote separately, allowing you to make pivot tables, drilling down to certain segments of your audience.

Can I integrate the results into a PowerPoint presentation?

Yes! Get the MeetingPulse add-in for PowerPoint. Once you've installed it, you can add a poll to any slide, which will add that poll's broadcast view. During your presentation, opening that poll's slide will automatically launch the poll. You'll be able to see the results updated in real-time. (You can also choose to hide the results)

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