Pulse Module

Pulse, for instant feedback in real-time

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Pulse can be the first screen attendees see upon login. Attendees can select different interactions as the meeting is happening. This is a great way to take the temperature of the room. The Pulse results are shown in the Timeline report after the meeting.

 Attendee view of Pulse

Pulse Bubble-Up Animation

Attendees can see the pulse of the room on any screen. The Pulse bubble ups and shows them the reactions from the rest of the audience.

This is a great way to energize your audience and get them engaged. It works really well in remote sessions when people can’t see each other. The animation is turned on by default.

Better Pulse with customizations

We’ve gotten many requests to customize Pulse, so we wanted to give you a lot of options. Pick how many reactions you want by dragging the slider left or right. Type in your own emotional descriptions.

Select from a wide range of emojis…

And virtually infinite different colors.


Before you save, take a look at what attendees will see by clicking “Preview”.


The preview is just for screens that are taller than they are wide. On widescreen monitors and horizontal tablets, the layout will be slightly different. 

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