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Universal Polls & Surveys Settings
Universal Polls & Surveys Settings

Settings that apply to all polls in that meeting

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These apply to all polls in the meeting. There are no recommendations on how to use these settings, as they depend on the data you are trying to get. See this Guide to Polls & Surveys for more information.

Options available in Settings -> Polls

Never show results in attendee view

This option hides the poll results from the attendee's screens. This is good for preventing groupthink.
If you disable this universal setting, you will not be able to turn it on in each poll separately.

Change navbar label and icon

This option allows you to change the name of the polls icon on the navigation pane in the attendee view

Don't allow attendees to change their answer

Once an attendee submits their answer, they are not allowed to change it. Attendees can see the poll results but can't change their answers. Also useful for preventing groupthink.ย 

If you disable this universal setting, you can still enable it on each poll separately.

Enable footer

Using this option, you can add custom text below all your polls to show on the attendee view.

Kiosk mode

Reset the browser and polls automatically after the set time or inactivity, or even after reaching the end of the available polls.

Add a thank you message

This pops up a note on attendees' screens when they have finished all the active polls.

Split into Teams

You can segment and group multiple poll results by custom data, or by a specific poll answer.

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