Managing Polls

Change the order of the polls, run them, copy them, and delete them.

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Running Polls
In order for your audience to get the poll, you need to run it. This can be done at any time. You can run all the polls before the presentation starts and attendees will be able to step through them on their own. Or, you can wait to run the poll until you want attendee's to answer it.

Closing Polls 

You can also choose to close your poll whenever you want. When you close the poll, attendees will no longer be able to see it or answer it on their phones. You can restart the poll at any time during the meeting.

Changing the order of Polls
Click on the three lines to the left of a question and drag it to the desired location. Note: This does not change the order attendees receive the polls.  Attendees receive the polls in the order they were run.

Changing the order in Presenter View makes it easier for you to remember the order you want to run the polls. You can also group them by subject matter if you aren't sure whether you're going to run all of the polls.

You can also drag the polls into Exit and Entry surveys, along with in-meeting Surveys. Once the poll is in a survey, you can easily drag it out again.

Edit, Duplicate, or Delete Polls 

Hover over the three dots to the right of a poll.

Select the option you want from the dropdown menu.

EDIT POLL - It allows you to change the type of poll, the question, the answers, or other poll settings. Editing is not possible on a running poll or a closed poll.
DUPLICATE - This creates a copy with the same type, text, and settings of that poll. It does not duplicate the attendee's responses to the poll. This is very helpful if you have several polls with the same answers, like asking about agreement or frequency.
DELETE - This deletes the poll permanently. You lose all the data from that poll and cannot recover it. However, it's very helpful if you've duplicated too many polls or are trying to clean up before a meeting.

Tip: Use duplicate on a closed poll if you want to ask the same question during that meeting. In the report, you will need to combine the data from both polls manually.

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