Broadcast View of Polls

Broadcast the results of Polls, one at a time. Perfect for a slideshow, a projector or large screen.

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If the tool administrator’s presenter’s device is connected to the projector, the live results of the polls can be seen in the Broadcast View.

The Polls Broadcast Views are available under "Broadcast" in the upper right corner, next to the download report button.

Figure 23. Polls Broadcast view with slideshow disabled

Click “Enable Slideshow” in the bottom right corner to rotate views between all live polls. You can also manually switch between polls by swiping left/right, click-dragging left/right or using the arrow keys.

Hiding results

There’s no way to disable the results in the Broadcast view. (“Hide results” only applies to attendee’s screens).

Instead, you can control which polls show up in the Broadcast view through the admin dashboard. You need to expand a poll in order to see all its options. Do this by clicking the arrow next to the text of the poll.

In Figure 23, the Multiple answer poll is collapsed and the Preference Order poll is expanded. 

Click on the TV icon in the lower-right corner to change visibility in the Broadcast view (only). If the icon is gray, the poll won’t show up on the Polls Broadcast. If it’s purple, it will show up in the Broadcast view.

There are several different poll styles. You can choose bar or column graphs, or even a pie chart.

Next, there's the Comparison View. This toggle allows you to select up to 4 different polls and compare them. Then link to that comparison view is available from the Broadcast drop-down.

Here you can see the comparison view with 2 different graphs. 

In the lower right corner, there's Enable Slideshow. That will make the broadcast view switch between polls every 8 seconds.

Finally, you're able to switch what numbers are used in your polls. By default, the results are shown as a percentage of the total voters. You can also switch it to show a count of poll votes instead.

You can also control whether the Broadcast view shows the correct answer to a quiz. Simply click on "Correct hidden" to switch it to "Correct Shown" and the correct answer will be highlighted in the Broadcast view.

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