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Extra poll settings

Hide results from attendees

After an attendee submits their answer, they only see only their own answer if you hide results. Otherwise, they’ll see what percent of attendees voted for each answer.

Figure 28. Hide Results from Attendee

Figure 29. Results visible to attendee

Mark certain answers as “correct” or “incorrect”. The attendees will get a message about whether they got it right or wrong. The correct answer will be marked.

Don’t allow attendees to change their answer

Once an attendee hits “submit”, this prevents them from changing their answer. Otherwise, attendees can submit a new response to the question. That can be a problem if they change to match everyone else

Allow a free-text answer

Attendees can write in their own answer. These answers will be available in the reports but can’t be shown during the meeting.

Make it optional

Only available in surveys.

Add images 

You can upload or link to images by clicking on the camera icon on the right. That icon is highlighted in red in Figure 30. Images are available for all polling questions. You can use images with poll answers for Single-Answer, Multiple-answer, and Preference poll types.

Figure 30. Poll answers with images and captions

Figure 31 Attendee view of image poll

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