Send messages to all attendee's screens at once

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Compose an announcement

Figure 33. Admin view to send an announcement

After you’ve published the meeting, click on the megaphone to switch to the Announce module.

Compose your message, or copy-paste it from your text file.

When you’re ready, click “Send Now”.

How Announcements Work

Turn this module off if you do not need it.

You can send an announcement to all attendee screens at once. It will only show inside the MeetingPulse app and won’t interrupt them if they are doing something else, like checking their email.

This will replace whatever page they were on with your text announcement. Once they hit “close”, they will be back where they were before.

Announcements cannot be scheduled in advance or be saved like polls are.

Tip: If you know what announcements you’ll want to send, you can put them in a text file and simply copy-paste them.

You can send as many announcements as you want. You just need to click on "Send another" to get the text box to edit your new announcement.

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