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The Raffle module allows you to pick participants at random. You can slice your audience into various groups before selecting one at random.

The nature of this module makes it impossible to do in advance, so the meeting must be started and the raffle must be triggered in real time by the moderator.

Start a New Raffle
Click the New Raffle button:

Raffle Types

Online attendees

This pick someone from the entire logged-in audience.

Anyone who opts in

This asks the audience to opt-in and picks one from those who opted in. This is often good to select someone at random to speak, or ask for volunteers.

 Anyone who submit email

This asks the audience for their emails. The raffle only selects between the people who have given you their emails. This is great for lead generation.

Everyone who passed the quiz

 When you want to reward people who do well on your quiz. This raffle selects from the attendees who have answered all quiz polls correctly.

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