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Getting Post-Event Reports
Getting Post-Event Reports

Graphical reports, CSVs and PDF exports

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When you first end a meeting, there will be a big “View Report” button. Clicking on that will give you access to all the reports.

You can retrieve that same report anytime from the main dashboard of MeetingPulse. (“My Meetings”)

Scroll down to “Past Meetings” and select your meeting name.

If you used the same meeting name for multiple sessions, they will be differentiated with a time stamp.

Note that the time stamp is UTC.

Click on “Participants” and then “Activity” to see how many of your attendees were active in the tool.

Figure 36. Participants' Activity

Using this data, you can see how many people were engaged in the meeting or just looking at the questions.

Click on “Polls” or “Questions” to view data from those modules

All data can be exported by clicking “Export to CSV” in the top right corner of that section

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