Free Text Polls

Generate word clouds or read attendee's comments as a feed

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Free Text settings

The free text poll type has several options.

Use the short answer area instead of full text

This will change the size of the text box in the attendee view. Instead of multiple lines, attendees will only see 1 line. This encourages them to be briefer.

Restrict response to one word

This will prevent attendees from entering a space so they can only submit one word. This combines very well with the word cloud display type.

The results of the free text poll can be shown as a Word Cloud or a Feed View. 

To select which one, expand the free text poll.  Then click on the downward arrow next to the TV screen in the lower left corner. That will expand the Poll Broadcast Options. Pick Word cloud or Answers Feed.

Word Cloud

Any “Free Text” poll can be represented by a word cloud. The word cloud is visible during the meeting in the Polls Broadcast View. 

In-meeting Broadcast view of the word cloud

It's available in the presenter's view as well:

Presenter View of the word cloud

Feed View

You can also view the comments as they come in in a feed view. This is available in Broadcast view and...

Broadcast view of the feed 

Presenter view.

Presenter view of the Free Text Feed

Reporting on Free Text Polls

The word cloud is also shown on the final report:

Word cloud in Poll Results report

The Print-Friendly view rearranges the words into a multi-colored word cloud on a white background.

Print-friendly view of Free text word cloud

You can access the comments that generated the word cloud by clicking on the Votes (CSV) link. Go to Polls > Results and scroll to the free text poll. Then click Votes (CSV) to download a CSV of the answers.

Attendees' individual comments are available on the Detailed Poll report. You can see them by hovering over the dot or exporting the CSV.

 Detailed Poll Report with hover text and "Save as CSV"

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