Detailed Polls Report

Reporting on polls with word clouds, ratings in CSV and PDF form.

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The Polls Detailed report shows how individual attendees voted on each poll. It’s broken down by attendee, even if they are anonymous. This allows you to see things like whether everyone who agreed with a plan of action was in a particular department (if you run a poll asking which department their in), or shared some particular experiences (by asking them in a poll).

Figure 43. Detailed Polls report has activity per attendee

You can browse the detailed data on that page. Hover over each dot to see what answer was selected or entered. You can see the Free Text comments here as well.

The Print-Friendly view will group the votes by attendee so you can see how each individual responded. This will include any free-text responses, although it gets quite long if there are more than a handful of questions or more than a few attendees.

The Save as CSV export puts each attendee on a separate row, with the questions in separate columns. This is a good way to get the Free Text comments or to easily read the responses.

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