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CSV Export of Q&A comments and questions with upvotes

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This is a view of the CSV export: 

You can see that the questions are labeled type “question”, while the comments on that particular question are listed below as type “comment”. Each question gets its own ID, which is shared with the comments for that question. 


Each question gets an ID when it is submitted. Any comments on that question will share the same ID.


This is the number of upvotes that the comment or question received.


This is the number of upvotes that’s used for sorting the question. It’s the same as Votes for questions, but comments get their question’s upvotes. We recommend using this column to sort by votes, so that the comments stay paired with their relevant question.


Indicates whether it’s a question or comment.


The exact time and date that the question or comment was submitted. Note that this is listed in UTC.


If the pre-meeting questions are enabled, this indicates whether the question or comment was submitted before the meeting.


If moderation is enabled, this indicates whether the question was approved. (Comments are not subject to moderation.)


This indicates whether the question was marked as answered during the meeting or not.

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Note that anonymous attendees will not be identified because they are not prompted to be logged in. Only the meeting administrator will be identified in anonymous meetings. Other attendees are assigned numbers based on the order in which they entered the meeting. This allows you to match all activity to each user without identifying them by name.
Named attendees will show up under the names they've entered.


What the user/attendee entered as text for the question or comment.

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