Hide results in polls

How to control when and where attendees see the entire audience's responses to polls.

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By default, if you have "Results hidden" on an individual poll, the results will be hidden in both the attendee view and in the broadcast view.

However, it's possible to make the system show the results in Broadcast view while hiding it in attendee view. You can adjust this behavior with  “Hide results in attendee view” in Poll settings.

If this setting is turned on, the audience’s overall results will never show in the attendee view; each attendee will only see their own answer. This will apply to all the polls in the meeting, but it will not change the broadcast view.

Then, if you want to show the results in the broadcast view, select "Results Shown" for that poll. You can also start with the results hidden in broadcast view (by selecting "Results hidden") and then reveal the results when your audience is done voting.

When “Hide results in attendee view” is turned off (not selected), attendees can see the audience’s overall results on each poll after they vote. This is only when the poll has “Results Shown” selected. 

When you have disabled “hide results” for the meeting and set the poll to “Results Hidden”, then that poll’s results will be hidden on both the attendee view and the broadcast view. 

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