How to use Focus

Control the audience's experience and Focus them on the screen you want. Attendee device management is great for beginner audiences.

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You can use Focus to control the attendee's experience.

Focus will shift the screen the attendee is viewing once the presenter clicks on the Focus button. You can find the focus in the upper right corner on most modules.

When you click the Focus button, you'll get a pop-up to confirm you want to move attendees to that screen. It's not possible to cancel a focus, but you can change it by clicking Focus elsewhere.

Attendee experience when Focused

Focus will switch the attendee’s screens in the following instances:

  • When on the first page of the modules

  • When on a page in Materials

The exceptions to Focus switching are:

  • If the attendee is currently typing

  • The attendee is on a secondary page like Standalone survey, Q&A's comments page, and individual brainstorms

Joining a meeting after a Focus event has been triggered

If you are joining a meeting or have refreshed your browser after a focus event has been triggered, you will be directed to the Focus screen.

On joining, Focus takes precedence over Poll-switching 

If a meeting has a running poll and a focused page, new attendees will be directed to the focused page, not the new poll. That same attendee will switch to any additional polls launched.

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