Agenda Module
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The Agenda Module allows you to identify a set of Agenda items to cover during your session. You can pre-define items or engage with your audience to add items that are relevant to them.

Agenda Module Settings:

You can customize your agenda module using the module settings:

Enable Moderation - Suggested items require approval before showing to the audience.

Voting mode - Allows you to select voting mode (upvoting only, or downvoting and upvoting) and sorts agenda items by the number of upvotes.

Allow anonymous submissions - Attendees can submit items anonymously, even if they provided their name.

Disable comments - Attendees can't comment on agenda items.

Rename Icon - This allows you to change the label of "Agenda" on the attendee view.

The presenter can also re-order and move items up and down, based on preference.

Attendees Submissions

Attendees can submit their suggested items through the attendee view, similar to ideas or questions.

If voting is enabled, attendees can also upvote or downvote agenda items to express interest and relevancy.

Attendees can also comment on agenda items if comments are enabled.

The agenda module also supports multi-line and URL submissions

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