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Uploading Your Attendees

โ€‹1. Download the CSV template by clicking here:

2. Fill the template with your attendee data, following the formatting guidelines below.

3. Save as CSV, and upload to the system using the "Upload CSV" button.

CSV Formatting Guidelines

When filling in your CSV template with attendee information, make sure your CSV matches the formatting below:


Code: Leave empty. It will get automatically generated.

FirstName, LastName: Attendees' first and last names. Both are required.

Email: Optional field. Add to allow sending invitations by email.

VoteWeight: Optional field. Used with Weighted Voting polls.

Session1 ID .... Session2 ID: Optional bookable sessions that you have set up in your schedule. Set the value to "1" to book the session for an attendee.

โ€‹Department, Role: Custom fields. Use the [Department] shortcut to display the value to the attendee in polls, welcome screens, etc. Add as many custom field columns as you wish.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Your CSV must have the required fields populated to work properly. So it must have values for emails, and first and last names.

  2. The other values mentioned in the section above are optional; your CSV will still work without them.

  3. In the code field, the system will automatically generate unique 5-digit codes for each attendee.

  4. The session ID fields are automatically generated when you use the schedule module only; otherwise, they are not required.

  5. If you need to add more attendees, edit information, or add more custom fields later, download the file, make your updates, and re-upload again to keep the unique codes.

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