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Small teams (8-30 people)
Small teams (8-30 people)

Use our Agenda module to make better agendas, remind people of the meeting objectives and take exit surveys to find ways to improve!

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Small team meetings can be hugely beneficial or a waste of everyone’s time. How do you determine which yours is?

Goals for recurring small team meetings (8-30 people)

It's easy for small team meetings to stagnate, especially if the meeting is regularly scheduled. You don't want your meeting to be one that people dread. Adding interactivity tools like MeetingPulse can help.

Here are some ways to freshen up your meetings, making them more pleasant and productive.



How to use MeetingPulse

Remind people of the meeting objective


Create a welcome message with the meeting's objective to get everyone aligned.

The most important topics are always covered


Crowdsource the agenda and use upvoting to find the most important topics

The right people are in the meeting


Let people opt out of the meeting by sharing the agenda in advance. If some are required, tag them by name.

Stay on topic by saving side issues for later

Q&A Topics

Create a Topic in Q&A called "Parking lot" where people can leave ideas the meeting sparked and conversations that should happen later.

Track meeting effectiveness


Share an exit survey:

  • Did we achieve our objective?

  • How was the meeting handled?

  • Any feedback for future meetings?

Ensure everyone's questions are addressed


Set up a Q&A for people to post questions, especially if you've got presentations that people might not want to avoid interrupting

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