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Forms are simply groups of polls. The polls show together on the attendee’s screen (unless you choose to show polls separately). They are run and closed together.

Create a new Form

Start by creating a new Form by activating the module on the sidebar to the right and then clicking "Create Form".

Enter the title you want to be displayed on the Attendee's screens. Then select your options. Note: These options cannot be changed after you create the Form.

Forms or standalone surveys are held under the Forms slide. You see it next to Polls below. If you add a shortcut to the navigation bar, then it will appear individually in that bar.

Configure your Forms

Next, you need to add some polls to your Forms. To do this, expand the form by clicking on the arrow to the left of the name. (It's highlighted in green below).

Click Add New Poll to add a new poll. This is just like clicking the "Create New Poll" button, with a couple of added options.

By default, polls are mandatory. If you want to ask your attendees a question they aren't required to answer, do it with a form. Enable the slider for "Make this question optional".

For Yes/No polls, there is a special option in the form. "Display as a checkbox" replaces the Yes and No buttons with a simple checkbox. When an attendee checks the box, MeetingPulse records it as a "Yes".

Note: this setting cannot be used with the optional-poll setting.

Forms can also have instructional text separate from the polls. Instead of adding a poll to the form, select Add Divider Text Block and enter the text you want. You can also format this text.

Running Forms (Standalone Surveys)

Forms or Standalone surveys are not started like the in-meeting surveys. Instead, you can choose to show or hide them. By default, new forms start off shown.

Linking Forms

Forms have their own link. You can send that link out to people so they can go directly to it. Once you've created the form, open the settings again...

And there you'll see the link at the bottom:

Note: This link changes if you make a shortcut to the Form, so make sure you get the most recent link.

Adding a shortcut

It's possible to add a shortcut to the navbar for each form. Select "Add Shortcut" from the right-side menu.

Now attendees can access the form directly from the bottom bar. It's a good idea to keep your Form titles short if you're adding a shortcut.

"Pre-meeting questions" takes up too much space, so making it shorter is a good alternative. Remember, the link to the form changes when you add the shortcut to the nav bar.

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