Weighted voting allows you to give some voters more power than others. This is commonly used in shareholder meetings, associations, co-ops, and HOA meetings.

Each attendee's vote will be multiplied by their vote weight before being added to the total. You set the vote weights in the attendee data upload.

To enable weighted voting, you need to follow these steps. Please keep in mind that

Weighted votes are available in all of our Poll types except Free Text and Numerical polls.

First, you have to create a meeting. Then, upload a list of attendees using the template here:

In the template, you need to include:

Email: Optional field. Add to allow sending invitations by email.

FirstName, LastName: Attendees' first and last names. Both are required.

voteWeight: Optional field. Default value is 1. Used with Weighted Voting polls. Assign weights to each attendee vote individually.

Save your list and upload it to the meeting here:

All Polls you create in this meeting will have the weights you assigned for each attendee. (If you need to have a Poll where all votes weigh the same, you would need to create a new meeting).

With the list already uploaded, your meeting is now code-restricted. You can see your attendees have a code assigned. Go to Attendees > All Attendees

These codes can be sent through the invite button (if an email was provided)

Please note Weighted Voting is not supported for Proxy voting.

Also, if you change weights (CSV re-upload) after the voting has started, weights will not be updated for the attendees that already voted.

Weighted voting is only possible if Custom Access codes are enabled in the settings. Otherwise, attendees joining the meeting will have a default Attendee# and default vote as 1.

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