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How to create an ICS file
How to create an ICS file
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Registration emails can now include calendar invites! Here's how:

First, enable Registration emails.

Next, scroll down to the "Optional" section, find the Add a calendar invite to email setting, and enable it.

Next, simply upload your *.ics file and it'll be included whenever an attendee registers!

How do I create a .ICS file?

There are a variety of ways to generate a *.ics file (in Outlook, Word, Excel, etc.,) but we recommend using one of the dedicated tools for this purpose. The one we use is:

Start by selecting the timezone you'll use to specify the event time. Then hit "New". Next, you can add a title, description, date, and time, among other fields. When you're all set, hit "save and close."

Check the box to the left of your event and hit "Export". Finally, hit Download *.ics file. Now you're done!

If you want to attach multiple events to your registration confirmation email, you can use this tool to do that too. Simply create multiple individual events, then check them all before hitting "Download *.ics file."

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