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Unveiling Meetingpulse's New Registration Module!

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We are excited to introduce the latest update to Meetingpulse, featuring our brand-new Registration Module. This update empowers you to manage event registrations with greater ease and customization.

You can access the Registration Module in two convenient ways:

Through the Attendee identification section and from the features list on the left menu of the screen.

Registration Fields:

Upon enabling the Registration Module, two default fields will appear: "Please enter your name" and "Please enter your email." The data entered in these fields will be captured in CSV files and linked to the attendee's session.

Customizable Registration Fields:

We understand that different events have unique registration requirements. Therefore, you have the flexibility to add additional fields, including:

  • Address

  • Company

  • Title

  • Custom short text field that you can customize as needed.

Note that you can customize the field labels and placeholder text according to your needs.

Include Polls for Added Engagement:

We've added the option to include poll types during registration, enhancing attendee engagement and interaction.

Registration Settings:

Configure your registration settings:

  • Registration Form Title: Define the title that will appear at the top of your registration page.

  • Allow Attendees to Change Responses: Enable a navigation bar icon that permits attendees to revisit the registration page and make updates to their information if needed.

Attendee view:

  • Send Registration Confirmation: Send attendees a confirmation email containing a link to access the meeting.

  • Customize the email subject, email body.

  • Include a call-to-action. This option enables attendees to log back into their attendee accounts.

  • Add a calendar invite to email: Gives you the option to send an email invitation to attendees' calendar

Take a look at How to create an .ics file for additional details.

With these enhancements, Meetingpulse becomes an even more powerful tool for creating seamless, tailored event experiences.

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