Selecting Your Modules

Main modules: Q&A, Polls & Surveys, Pulse, Materials Advanced modules: Agenda, Announce, Chat, Raffle, Schedule, Photos, Video

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Enable or disable the modules you use before or after the meeting is published. By default, you will see 3 modules enabled (Q&A, Polls & Surveys, and Pulse) You can find the modules on the sidebar inside a meeting or in the settings > features tab

Tap the slider button to make it purple and enabled. Tap the slider again to make it gray and disabled. You can also grab the 3 bars on the left to drag the modules up and down in a different order. Then just click "Done" to go to the meetings and edit the modules.


Attendees can post their questions here. Everyone can comment and upvote. Control the meeting flow by moderating the submitted questions and marking them "answered" or "saved for later".
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This is real-time sentiment tracking. Attendees respond with what they're feeling at that moment. Those responses are shared with the audience and recorded in the Timeline.
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Polls & Surveys

Polls and Surveys are great for finding out more about your audience. Choose from a range of poll types, ask quiz questions, and include standalone feedback surveys to make your meeting great.
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Raffles are a great way to pick someone at random in the audience. Use them with Quizzes to reward people who score well. Ask for emails to generate leads.
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Use the Materials module to hand out documents, share links or create your own pages for things like speaker bios.


The Agenda Module allows you to identify a set of Agenda items to cover during your session. You can pre-define items or engage with your audience to add items that are relevant to them.


Use the announce module to send an announcement to the entire audience. The message will pop up on everyone's screens when you send it.


The photos module allows your attendees to upload images from their personal devices. Everyone can share selfies or pictures of teams. You can download them all from the presenter view.


The schedule module is a sophisticated way to share agendas and plan conferences. You can upload a basic agenda to share with your audience. You can also allow each attendee to create their own personalized agenda, or even create one for them.

Note: This is a deprecated module only offered to customers signed up in 2020 or earlier.

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