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This article will help you and your audience access MeetingPulse Zoom app

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General Recommendations and Help Articles

  • MeetingPulse for Zoom Desktop is only available on Zoom Desktop. Attendees joining through the web browser will not be able to participate through MeetingPulse.

  • You can use the MeetingPulse app in Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars

  • Make sure you log into Zoom with the same account on both your default browser and the Zoom client.

  • If you were in a meeting and logged in with the wrong credentials, you need to leave the Zoom meeting, log in and get back in to see the shared app.

  • If you are a co-host, you will be directed to the presenter URL, but the MeetingPulse meeting needs to be shared with you in MeetingPulse and you need to be part of the Host’s MeetingPulse organization.

  • App invites are shared through a notification pop-up in Zoom but they are also visible to attendees in the chat (if available). Re-share the app when everyone is in the meeting so they get the notification

  • If you see a spinner for longer than 30 seconds, click “Refresh App” in the apps panel.

  • If refresh doesn’t work, Close the app and open it again.

  • The first time being invited to a MeetingPulse app as a presenter or any other role, you will need to login into the marketplace (in the browser) and authorize the app for your zoom account (see article For Presenters...)

  • If your meeting does not use registration to prompt for name or email, it will capture the Display Name set up either on the attendees' accounts or on the Zoom prompt when joining the Zoom meeting.

  • If you enable Registration while only asking participants' name, then the name attendees input upon joining will override their Zoom identity.

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